“Our commitment: Future generations”

Hilel School

  • High academic level
  • Education on values
  • Nursery for babies of 45 days old onwards
  • Classrooms 2.0
  • Tal Am Programme for Hebrew learning
  • English with international exams
  • Activities together with ORT. Technology, computing and science
  • Robotics


About us

Hilel School opened up doors in March, 2001 with only eight students at nursery stage. New babies entered the school along the years and at the end of 2004 we had the first kindergarten promotion. In March, 2005 the primary school was inaugurated, and so we fulfilled the first stage of our dream: To welcome every single family, providing academic excellence, respect, uniqueness, and Jewish education.

This could be achieved by:

    -Offering personalized education according to each pupil´s needs.

    -Educating children so that they become responsible persons living in a    globalized world, with a strong Jewish identity.

    -Developing our pupils’ potentiality, by teaching critical thinking, reasoning, and cross-curricular contents.

Hilel School provides official education and Jewish traditions with academic excellence: In Hebrew, our students reach the best level out of all the schools around the country.  They also stand out at the National Mathematical Olympiad.

But most importantly, every child has the opportunity to enter our school, no matter their family financial conditions. Scholarships enable them to obtain quality education. The continuous growing of Hilel School is closely related to its mission and goals. No child is left out for their social or economic situation. In this way the school plays an additional social role, by giving protection and shelter to a great number of children who are at social risk.

Today, after 16 years, Hilel School has evolved, and we are proud of our graduated students, since they became upright people, who turn the world a better place.

Nowadays, after five graduated promotions, the School has more than 200 pupils.


Head: Rabbi David Stoler

Simjat Ieladim Kindergarten

Headmistress: Prof. Ronit Kierszenbaum

Primary School

Headmistress Curricular area: Lic. Marisa Grabina

Jewish area coordinator: Prof. Vanina Kierszenbaum


“The true educator is not only the person who teaches facts, but who teaches the child to think by himself, he helps him to find an answer to his own questions based on what he has already learned… this idea is consistent with the purpose why G´d created the world, he didn´t create a stage for marionettes but for every individual to have the desire and freedom to act virtuously.”
From the teachings of the Rebbe of  Lubavitch

Our Mission

To welcome every single family, no matter their conditions, providing our pupils with academic excellence, respect, uniqueness, and Jewish education.

“Our commitment: Future generations”

Our Project

Hilel School is conceived
as a school in which to get a sense of belonging.
As a key to social expression.

Our premise is the comprehensive education for the child:

  • Take care of all the aspects that have to do with his personality development.
  • Respect his individual characteristics.
  • Develop his jewish identity respecting his familiar conditions
  • Benefit his own self-worth and development of the spiritual potential of its child.
  • Benefit the development of personalities able to face a world in constant change.

Our challenge is to provide our students with:

  • Opportunities and experiences that allowed them to appreciate and develop their inner potential, turning them into people of integrity, interested on caring for others needs and able to assume responsibilities in a self-sufficient way.
  • The necessary tools that allowed them to get along in an efficient way inside the society.

Our goals:

Guide, accompany and facilitate our students to be capable of:

  • Build and create the conscience of their belonging to the jewish people.
  • Feel the responsibility of being part of our continuity.
  • Develop the maximum of their individual talents
  • Behave in a responsible and self-sufficent way.
  • Understand the importance of the effect that individual actions have on building a better world. 
  • Acquire a solid knowledge on the different curricular areas.
  • Be able to organize their ideas and share them with their family and pairs, respecting others point of view.

Our foundations:

Education towards solidarity, developing our pupils´inner kindness.

“Nothing is too small, or too big, if it comes from oneself”

Hillel said,
“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
But if I am only for myself, who am I?
If not now, when?” (Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14)



* To provide quality and personalized education so that every child can fully develop the skills to live meaningfully, as active members of the Jewish people, with values and traditions.

* To consider playing as the main activity during childhood, and as a means to get knowledge, and social and language skills.

* To teach contents through projects which integrate different areas, fostering autonomy and creativity.

* To provide a friendly and happy environment.

* To involve families in the school projects, having them participate with respect, solidarity and affection.

Simjat Ieladim Kindergarten offers:

-Extra periods in both shifts.

-Dining room

-Computer Laboratories

-Educational trips

-Workshops for parents

-National and Jewish Celebrations

-Educational counseling for classes and pupils individually.

-Camps (K5)

-Shared activities with primary school

Learning is completed with:

* English

* Music

* Arts

* Computing

* P.E

* Hebrew

* Rikudim

* Workshops

Each classroom has different projects that encourage kids to develop language, knowledge, physical abilities, solidarity and respect.

Primary School


* To offer a pleasant and challenging environment for socialization and self-expression of interests and abilities.

* To learn through a constructivist approach, with the help of facilitators.

* To teach meaningful contents to cater for both class and individual motivation and capacities.

* To have an integral design aimed at developing competences

* To view pupils as the main actors in an inclusive model. To cater for diversity, and provide each child with instances of self-confidence and autonomy.

Hilel School offers:

* Projects that help pupils acquire metacognitive skills, reasoning, questioning.

* Classes that are enriched through interactions, debates and peer work

* Physical and sports skills.

* Development of thinking, creativity and sensitivity.

* Integration between Kindergarten and Primary levels

* Tools for pupils to enter high schools with confidence

* Education on Values, habits and behaviour

* A friendly environment of mutual respect, encouraging self-esteem, autonomy and group enriching

* Sports competitions within our school and with other institutions.

* Camps

* Workshops delivered by experts in Information and Communication technologies.

* Computer Laboratories with devices for teachers and pupils.

* Academic counseling for the head departments 

* Educational psychology department:

-Personalized follow up of our pupils´learning process.

-Workshops on Emotional intelligence.


Beit Chabad Villa del Parque/Devoto Community

Our community is a place to share, learn, grow, and interchange ideas, a place to enjoy! We offer different activities to cater for every member in our community.

We´d like members to feel at home in our community, to be free to express themselves and participate actively as Jews. We believe we can make a better world by joining together.

In Beit Chabad Villa del Parque/Devoto we have got a minyan for Tefilah every morning. On Shabatot, we offer Kidush after kabalat Shabat and Shacharit. Also, there is a Mikve for men and a Mikve for women, “Maaián Chana”.

Plenty of classes, courses and workshops are delivered. Through Torah studies you can connect yourself with the source of divine, millenary wisdom, satisfying your desire of knowledge.

Our Courses:

Mystics and kabbalah
Weekly Parasha
Halacha (Laws and customs)

Our workshops and activities (weekly and monthly)

Activities for couples
Women gatherings
Young zeides
Shabat Mebarchim
Project “sharing in community”

Social programmes – Javaia

Javaia is a programme for senior citizens by Chabad Social Fund. Since 2006 it has cared for senior citizens from our community, and preventing them from isolation and vulnerability.  The main goal is to offer wellness through peer interactions and community integration, having in mind every single member and their ageing process. Javaia means sense of belonging for hundreds of seniors who now have a social life, within an organized schedule.

In Javaia Villa del Parque there are weekly workshops on Yoga, Rikudim, Arts and crafts. Besides, there are cultural outings and activities with younger generations at Hilel school, such as Reading projects and Festivals.

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Hilel School opens up doors so that every Jewish child can get excellent Jewish education within a caring atmosphere. This is possible due to generous people who support our scholarship programmes.

We need more supportive persons to join us! You can transform the life of a child forever!

Donate now!

* 1 school day $ 400.-

* 10 meals at school $ 775.-

* 1 school week $ 2.000.-

* 3 months of school meals $ 5.100.-

* 1 school month $ 8.000.-

* 1 year of school meals $ 17.000.-

* ½ school year $ 48.000.-

* 1 school year $ 96.000.-

* Others

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